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Team announcements

Dear Parents, I look forward to coaching each and every one of your kids. Hopefully, we will have a very fun and successful team this year. For those of you, who I had last year, we had a great year and we definitely ended the season well. My same team rules apply, which I will personally go over with you and your child. I have a link to Penndel Wildcat's website where you can find the directions to all the fields that we will play at this year. I have a link to our schedule (we do not have a schedule yet, one will be given out shortly) and our practice times. You can find the official Little League rules on my website. They can be found by going to the "Little League" page and clicking on "Little League Rules." Also, if a game or practice is canceled, please check the website's home page for updates. On occasion, I will call everyone if the game is canceled at the last minute. Please let me know if this is going to be a problem!

Thanks again,

Doug Carroll

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